A1 Steak Sauce
Alaska Seafood
Automobile Magazine
Azumaya Foods
Blue Diamond Almonds
Budweiser Brewing
California Almond Growers
California Beef Council
California Milk Advisory Board
California Olive Industry
California Pistachio
California Raisin (England)
California Raisin Marketing
   Board USA
California Walnut Board
Calistoga Mineral Water
Carl’s Jr.
The Carpenter Group
Coca Cola
Colossal Pictures
Coors Brewing
Crowne Hotels
Del Monte Foods
Dining Out Magazine
Dole International
Dreyer’s Ice Creams
E. & J. Gallo
Eckrich Sausages
FCB Advertising

Food & Wine Magazine
Fresh Choice Restaurants
Gallo Wines
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Global Sea Technologies Ltd.
Golden Grain Products
Grey Poupon Mustard
Fremont Creek Winery
Hal Riney & Partners
Harper Collins Books
Hidden Valley Ranch
Hilton Hotels Food & Beverages
Heineken Beer
Heinz 57 Brands
Hill & Knowlton
Hyatt Hotels Food & Beverages
Industrial Light & Magic
In Style Magazine Entertaining
Itty Bitty Cupcake Co.
Kellogs Cereals
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Ketchum Advertising
Kingsford Charcoal
Knott’s Berry Farm
Kraft Foods
Lucas Films
Lyons Restaurants
Marie Calender Frozen Entrees
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McKesson Industries
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Meristar Hotels and Restaurants
Mondavi Wines
Nabisco Foods
National Beef Council
Ocean Spray Juices
Opus One Wine
Ore-Ida Foods
Oro Wheat Breads
Ortega Foods
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
Patek Philippe & Co., Geneva
Peach Advisory Board
Pear Board WA & OR
Perry’s Restaurants
Phil Reilly & Co., INC.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Pillsbury Foods
Plaza Hotels
Post Cereals
Ritz Crackers
Road & Track Magazine
Rosarita Brands
Round Table Pizza
Ruf Automobile GmbH
Safeway Inc. (Over 300 shoots)
Salad Shooter
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
Sam’s Club
Saturn Automobiles
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Sara Lee Foods
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Soy Joy Energy Bars
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Southern Living Magazine
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The Hamlin Group
The Potato Board
The Post Hotel and Spa
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Vogue Magazine Food
Volvo N. A.
Walmart Meats and Fish
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Weldon Owen Publishing
Wesson Oil
Western Athletic Clubs
Westin Hotels Food & Beverages
Where Magazine
Williams Sonoma
Young & Rubicam Advertising Inc.
Zim’s Restaurants